1. Booty

From the recording Funky Mood


Booty, mama I like Booty.
Booty, mama I like Booty,
I like your Booty baby, I'll tell ya.
I like Booty, yours....Booty.
I like, I like, I love, I love to like
Booty, mama I like Booty.

You're healing me, yeah that's my riches you see.
It's my Booty, oh Booty,
you can take my money
and take my fame,
but don't take my Booty.

Don't take my Booty, no, 'cause Tommy knows what I like...
Tommy, go on a' tell 'bout that now.

You know what I like,
oh, it's only yours baby that I love,
I said Booty.
I love you, oh mama, like your Booty.
I love your Booty, baby, Booty.
Tell 'em...Tommy knows how serious, Booty,
how serious about it,
I'm serious about your love, Booty.
You can hear it in my tone, yeah, Booty.
I cannot leave your, ooh alone, I like your Booty.
Ah, you know what I like, yeah, Booty.
Ah, Tommy's testifying all awhile.

Booty, mama I like, mama I like Booty.
I like your, Booty, ooh Booty, I gonna testify,
but I won't tell it all, I don't have to,
'cause, uh, mama I like Booty.
I love, love, love, love Booty, Booty, Booty.

Say it on 'em, tell me bass, he said Booty.
Almost tellin' me here on the bass, tell again bass.
Mama you know what I like, yeah you know,
ah, you know mama, you got soul.