From the recording Funky Mood


Oldest Language, Baby.
The Oldest Language from the soul.
Hear, can you feel my tone?
Thousand, thousands of years old,
the Oldest Language from the soul.
Talkin' 'bout the and allow the music
in and out...the music.

Oh, talkin' about the Oldest Language of the soul,
in then when would we know.
We had it all right here, right down in our souls.
And all we had to do was make that tone
and you too would feel it, in your very own,
very own soul, Oldest Language.

The Oldest Language, would you hear my song?
And yeah, deep down, deep down, some how you know,
that its got a heap of soul
far beyond my vessel knows.
But watch out baby, baby. If you ask my soul,
if I felt love deep down in my soul, babe.
And all I could do is lay down a groove for you now,
ask me what I'd say.

Ah, and I'll tell you I ain't even worried,
no I ain't worried, babe, no, 'cause I know, I know,
the Oldest Language.
Talkin' about the love, the music of the soul,
and I, with my hands on when I tell I testify.

Hey, oh, then you'll know my soul,
been talk to right from your soul, say.