1. With Love

From the recording Funky Mood


I wanna bump it all night long, baby, hey, yeah.
Bump, bump, bump all, with Mama, with love
and I'm gonna aim to find peace in my mind.
Within your love, with, with, oh Mama, with love.
Baby, I give it a soul to you.

Oh, and that's the least my funky soul could do.
So grab your hand, ah and join me while I bump to the plan.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah...ho, with, with, with, with, with,
With Lord, With Love.

Now, that's what I'm talkin' about
Oh, with, with, with...ah, Mama, baby, With Love.
L-O-V-E, say it is what want to see.
Though sometimes the clouds around me,
but don't fret, no, no.

Bump with me baby and then we'll go,
yeah with...Mama, with love, I give ya.
You and me, oh help me to a, oh help me to a,
oh help me me to, yeah Mama, help me to see.
With Love, L-O-V-E, love, love, love.

Feel it in my groove, the fellas are talkin' to you.
Can you hear it in the chank?
Oh, can you feel it in the tone of the horn?
Oh, Mama, come on with...ah, hey, Mama, With Love.
Got to, got to do it baby.
Got to, got it baby, yeah, With Love.

Yeah, I said to my Sister, "Would you sing for me with Love?",
and I know she would...know she could.
Brother, Brother, Brother, "Would you come on and rap to me now?
Tell the People 'bout the truth and the love we need to know now."
Hey now Mama, with love, love, love, oh yeah.
Let it groove, let it groove, it's all right.

If I just let it groove, if I just let it groove,
just let it groove all night, all night, might just, might.
Let it, oh, let it, monlet it, monlet it, monlet it let, I monlet it
Groove for you all night now baby, oh yeah.

"Feel it in the tone, I ain't gonna leave you alone."
Gonna give it to you from my soul,
Whoa, just let you know, With Love now...
with, with, with, with, with, with, with....oh
Mama, Mama, With Love, love, love, love, love now.
I....I gotta give it to you with love.

Oh, With Love, I gotta give it to you,
I...with...With Love