1. Some

From the recording Funky Mood

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Can't hold back baby, yeah, I can't hold back, no.
When you move with me now, I got a feelin' deep down inside now.
Well, well love, I gotta move with you baby
I gotta move with you baby.
And I just won't quit it 'till I get done
whoa, I just won't quit now, baby, no.

Mama, mama, mama, sister 'till I get some, no.
Sweet baby, I just can't stop it.
When it starts to go heavy, oh,
I gonna have to just give in an let myself go, oh, oh.

I guess that's alright with me, yeah...
Free as a bird, baby, baby, mama, mama, can't you see?
Free as a bird, I hope you can see
'till I get some, I can, I get some love.
S-O-M-E is for me yeah, I...

Ain't no matter the hour,
you're still my flower.
It don't matter the power,
I'll have you, baby, in love any hour.

Hey, some, some, mama, mama, I've got to get some.
I just won't quit, no, no.
L-O-V-E is the reason why I sow the seeds,
I sow, whoa, L-O-V-E is the reason love,
ah baby, hey, now, for you, now.

Whoa, come on with horns, let 'em blow.
Come on, I can make you now, now know.

Some say I might be strange, for loving you this way.
I do believe I'm mad about you girl, never gonna drive me away.
Some, I need, 'cause I'm in love with you.
I need you, I need Some, Some love, baby, baby from you.

Wild horses can't drive me away
I'm a soul man, gonna get my funky way, hey.
I'm gonna love you, baby.
Hey, when I get home, just before the break a' day.

Gonna get me some Hallelujah,
Mama, I'm gonna have to ask you for it now,
sweet little favor, sugar love,
can you gimmie, gimmie, all the love, which ya,
gimmie some, gimmie some, gimmie some.
S-O-M-E is for me
hey, in the mean time I'll will,
be free, free, free as bird.

Gonna get myself some, oh!
I'm your man, can you give me some?
Oh, give it some horns, yeah...

You've got me baby, under your spell now.
I'm thinkin' of no other girl in the world now,
but you baby, now...

I can't wait, no, no, 'till I get together with you again baby.
Hey, would you gimmie, gimmie, gimmie Some?
Hey, now, now, babe, ah ha, Some for me, Some.
Oh mama, feel, I'm done, never, never done.
Yeah, Some now. Give me Some.

Yeah, yeah, you've got to gimmie, gimmie now,
now, hey, I just can't stop baby.
I'm under and I'm for you love, more, more, more, more.
Cant help myself, free as a bird, I need...

Hey, I gonna have to get down on my bending knee.
Hey, hey, won't you gimmie, gimme, gimmie, gimme some now?
Hey, gimmie, gimmie some now, ya'll!

You gotta gimmie, gimmie some.
S-O-M-E is for me now,
L-O-V-E, hey.

Gimmie, gimmie some,
give me, gimmie...
hey, your sweet...love...love...whoa
Give me your sweet love, love, love, love.