Neville / Gromiller Funk Festival
A Historical Musical Funk Gumbo is about to be served @ the 1st  Annual Funk Fest * New Orleans to Montana Jam * bringing the Big Easy to the Big Sky!  Grammy Award Winning New Orleans Neville Brother, Cyril Neville (the “Uptown Ruler”), has been called a philosopher, a poet and one of the last great southern soul singers. 
The legendary CYRIL NEVILLE recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from New Orleans OFFBEAT MAGAZINE, along with 3 BEST OF THE BEAT MUSIC AWARDS for BEST BLUES ARTIST – - BEST BLUES ALBUM – - BEST VOCALIST

Blues Foundation Award Nominations
Magic Honey – Nominated for The Blues Foundations 2014 – Blues Music Award For Best Contemporary Blues Album.
One of the four Neville Brothers, Cyril Neville was the youngest, born on October 10, 1948 in New Orleans, LA. Cyril picked up his love of music from his parents and his older brothers at an early age, but it wasn’t until 1967 (at the age of 19) that Cyril began singing professionally, as he united with brothers Art and Aaron in the outfit,  Art Neville and the Neville Sounds, playing the New Orleans club circuit on a regular basis.
At 63, this is the latest chapter in a career that began with 1970’s debut solo single, “Gossip”, and his touchdown in the lineup of older brother Art’s funk outfit, The Meters, who had already hit big with 1969’s immortal Cissy Strut. Cyril lent percussion and vocals to classic albums including 1972’s Cabbage Alley and 1975’s Fire On The Bayou.
Post-Meters, Cyril has been key to the rise of The Neville Brothers, creating alchemy with other artists including:  Bob Dylan, Bono, Willie Nelson, Taj Mahal, Daniel Lanois, Galactic, The Wetland Brothers, as well as leading his solo band Tribe 13, and making TV appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and HBO’s Treme.  He has performed all over the world including the infamous Amnesty International tour with U2 and the Police and has sung for Nelson Mandela. There is no doubt that with in the first few vocal notes it is easy to tell that musical royalty runs deep in Cyril’s blood and he remains a percussionist to be reckoned with.
Cyril Neville, the “Uptown Ruler”, currently tours with the “Great” Greg Allman’s son, Devon Allman, with their group called the Royal Southern Brotherhood.  Cyril is also touring his newly released Award Winning Record, “Magic Honey”, on the 2014 1st Annual Funk Fest  -  New Orleans to Montana Jam Tour. Cyril’s lovely wife, Gaynielle Neville (“Queen G”) will also be on the Funk Fest tour, performing songs from her newest record, “Woman Power”.
Gaynielle’s musical journey not only began at 5, but again in 1984 when she married Cyril Neville. Cyril Neville & The Uptown All-Stars taught Gaynielle the meaning of true vocalizing and harmonies. Her run with the All-Stars was the rediscovering of a rising musical universe. Gaynielle has written with, and for: Hawk Wolinski, Spike Lee, LaLa,  Pamela Haynes, The Neville Brothers, Theresa Anderson, Theryl Declouet, Diamonds and Cyril Neville. Gaynielle is also a stage and screen writer with her holdover stage play, "Why You Wanna Kill Your Brother", which was a hit in Central City  (holding for over three weeks in the year of 2004, pre-Katrina). Gaynielle embarked on her musical tour in 2003 to Europe, with the talented artist, LaLa. Her three week tour included Venice, France and Germany. Gaynielle has been touring for over 15 years;  Gaynielle and her family have been musically active in Austin Texas for years.  “Tribe 13”, featuring:  Cyril Neville, Gaynielle Neville, Omari Neville, Norman Caesar, Ricky Caesar, Jimmy Graves, Courtney Audain., Eric Johanson, John Reynolds, have toured Europe and Japan playing to sold out audiences.
Along with the very impressive projects that Cyril and Gaynielle are involved in...
 The Neville’s will be joining forces on this 1st  Annual Funk Fest * New Orleans to Montana Jam Tour * with “Andrew Gromiller and the Organically Grown” with the amazingly talented soul singer, Andrew Gromiller.
Andrew Gromiller and the Organically Grown brings a live musical performance of Rhythm & Funky Blues - Rockin’ Soul Music. Andrew's voice is a one of a kind sweet, pleasing sound. It is a set up for an amazing musical experience. Andrew's love for the music and what he is doing shows very quickly after he takes the stage. That energy can't help but spread into the rest of the band and audience and soon the journey is off with dancing and happiness. Andrew is a special musical gem that has been blessed to live and raise his musical family among the Montana Mountains.  Completing the band is Andrew’s wife, Christine Gromiller, by his side on backup vocals and his son, Zion Gromiller, a 16 year old musical prodigy that is the bands featured drummer. Eddie "T" Tsuru plays Bass & Bob Packwood on Keyboards finishes off  the band and sound. 
 Andrew Gromiller and the Organically Grown will be performing original songs from their newly released records which have Gaynielle and Cyril’s beautiful backup vocals sprinkled throughout.   Songs from Cyril’s recently released album, “Magic Honey” as well as songs from Gaynielle’s newly released album, “Woman Power” will be featured throughout the 1st Annual Cyril Neville Funk Fest.
Andrew Gromiller’s musical background includes singing in the Reverend’s Gospel Ensemble at Berklee College of Music with Susan Tedeschi and he has performed on stage with many of the greats including the late Etta James, Maceo Parker and sang for the 30 year tribute to Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin with Buddy Miles on drums, Ray Manzarek on keys and George Porter Jr. on Bass. Andrew has also performed many shows with Deep Banana Blackout at the Gathering of the Vibes.
Funk Fest New Orleans to Montana Jam Tour will also be featuring special guests:  from Nashville, Manny Yanes, who was The Neville Brothers, Patty LaBelle and the late Robert Palmer’s Bass Player. Manny is also the master mind behind introducing Andrew to the Neville’s. He just had that feelin’ that putting these soul singers together would be a powerful combination and as it turned out, Manny was right. Cyril and Andrew sound incredible singing together.
On Tenor Sax; Rob Somerville, the “Brass Tongue”, known for his success with Deep Banana Black Out and his current group Kung Fu.
Last but not least, a true funkateer, get ready for the one and only:  Thomas “T-Bone” Stonaha, famous for his funk - chank guitar playin’ with a very signature sound. Tom also plays with his own original group called, Soulistic
This “Funktastic” lineup has talent to burn, with Cyril Neville at the bow of this Soulful Ship, with his Meters and Neville Brothers fame!  Get your Mardi Gras beads on and get ready to Shake Your Gumbo Baby!! Purchase Your Tickets Now @ and don’t miss this Incredible Musical Journey that is about to Set Sail!!
Funk Fest New Orleans to Montana Jam Tour includes the following dates:
The Wilma Theatre in Missoula on March 27th,2014
The Ellen Theatre in Bozeman on March 28th, 2014
The Babcock Theatre in Billings on March 29th, 2014
with opening act The Big Caboose All Stars
Tickets Will Sell Fast So Get Them Early!!